FUNL 101 - Funnelback for marketing and communications professionals

Course Overview

This introductory course provides students with the core concepts of how Funnelback works with your website. Students will be taken through key functionality using the Marketing Dashboard to learn about search results, reporting, search enhancement and tuning. Students will also be shown the auditors available (including SEO) and how to optimize their content using Funnelback.

Course Details

Duration: 1/2 day
Assessment: Theory Review
Pre-requisites: Students should have basic computer skills but a technical background or prior experience with search engines is NOT assumed. This makes the course an ideal introduction for anyone wanting to get started with Funnelback. Past experience in managing or updating components of a website would be useful though not required.

Course Breakdown

Module Content
Introduction to Funnelback
The search results page
  • Search results
  • Enhanced result interaction
  • Advanced search results templating
The marketing dashboard
  • Services
  • Service overview
  • Swap between services
  • Previewing the search
Understand your search
  • Search analytics reports
  • Content auditor reports
  • Accessibility auditor reports
Enhancing your search
  • Configuring synonyms
  • Configuring best bets
  • Configuring curator rules
Optimize your search
  • Using your analytics to improve your search
  • Controlling what gets indexed
  • SEO auditor
Search result tuning