Search for Financial Institutions goes beyond finding information. We power search that personalizes experiences, boosts customer self service, drives conversions, and provides powerful insights to revolutionize the way you do business on your website.

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Standout first impressions make a big impact

Your bricks and mortar stores have a concierge to welcome visitors and guide them to the right person. Should your website be any different?

The search bar is your customers first point of engagement, so make it count. Funnelback’s Concierge aims to satisfy your visitors' every request and ensure a quick and effortless journey directly to the information they require.

Branch locations, products, and applications and services are just some of the services that the Concierge can suggest to your customers - the options are only limited by your content.

Create a better banking experience

Targeted and personalized promotions

Everyone likes to be treated as an individual, but the personal touch needn’t be limited to human-to-human interactions.

Through the Curator capability, Funnelback gives you the ability to elevate particular messages, promotions or results to a more visible position on your search page.

Combined with information that you already know about your customer, such as location or past searches, you can boost the power of the Curator by creating highly relevant promoted results that ‘just appeal’ to that particular customer. From the practical (think branch relocations targeted to searchers within a 50km radius) to the clever (like repayment calculators for the visitor who searched interest rates on their last visit), the potential to wow your user is endless.

It sounded easy – when we went to try it ourselves, we were overwhelmed by the architectural and technical complexity needed to achieve our goals. Outsourced search was our best alternative.

Jeffrey, BOQ Representative

Optimise your cross-selling opportunities

Use the content promotion tools that are at your fingertips to promote your products in an advertisement simulation, without the need to engage expensive marketing campaigns.

Via the Marketing Dashboard, you can easily configure ‘set and forget’ advertisement style promotion of content such as products and services, or customize more specific ‘adverts’ of important and timely information, such as changes to terms and conditions.

The best of both worlds

Funnelback’s Product for Finance is a highly flexible search solution which reduces cost and risk to your organization, without compromising on valuable functionality.

The search capabilities included in the Product are hand picked to meet the needs of finance industry websites, whilst exceeding your customer's expectations on service.

We’ve developed this Product to allow you to have the best of both worlds, innovative search with re-imagined uses; combined with fast, safe and cost effective deployments.

Trusted to Perform

Funnelback understands the needs of financial service organizations ranging from commercial banks to investment funds and we are proud to count multinational operations through to independent operators as clients. Our commitment is to integrate that understanding with an innovative and fresh approach to search and business insights.

Supercharge productivity with enterprise search

Now that you have your customer experience on track with great first impressions, personalized results and helpful promotions, bring it all together behind the scenes with an intelligent enterprise search solution.

For greater efficiency, productivity and return on investment, bridge your data silos by connecting all of your content repositories. By including CRM, external market sources, email and intranet files, all the information your employees need is never far from their search box.

With both flexible and highly secure access control configurations, you can be confident that your data will only be seen by those with authorization, giving your entire organization peace of mind of a world class enterprise search.

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