Whether they are a consumer looking for information on their bank account, a private investor evaluating your asset management fund, or an industry partner seeking the latest regulations; it is critical that you are able to answer your users questions as efficiently as possible.

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Increase Accuracy & Customer Satisfaction

Every visitor to your website has a different need.

In an industry where reputation is key, make sure that you are taking full advantage of every online touch-point to improve service, increase customer satisfaction, lower the cost of customer interaction and build trust; even when every visitor to your website has a different need.

Whether it is consumer focused product pages, regulatory documents, social media content or third party market information; Funnelback brings all of your content into one place, serving tailored and personalised content for minimal customer effort input.

Improve Service, Build Trust & Increase Conversions

Lower the cost of Customer Interaction with Structure & Context

With consumer habits shifting from face-to-face interaction to the convenience of self-service online channels, it is imperative that you are able to offer your users a seamless customer journey and maximise the opportunities to impact on customer service standards at every stage along the way.

Funnelback bridges the gap between ambiguous search terms and relevant results, adding dynamic structure through contextual navigation, intelligent autocomplete and faceted filters. Simplify your online offering with intuitive outputs such as maps, comparison lists and sophisticated recommender tools. From the second a user inputs a keystroke in your search box, they are efficiently directed to the most relevant results.

Meeting your customer’s demands online not only boosts your customer service profile, but also lowers the cost of customer interaction through alleviating stress on your branches, call centres and email support.

Aid Internal findability through Enterprise Search

Empower your workforce to be more efficient and see an increase in productivity as well as return on investment, with an intelligent enterprise search solution. Offering document level security, Funnelback allows you to lock off whole sections of content, or simply restrict the access to individual documents, ensuring that your most sensitive records and data are searchable only to those who need to see them.

Effectively bridge your data siloes by connecting all of your content repositories, including CRM, external market sources, email and intranet files, ensuring that all the information your employees need is never far from their search box.

Learn more about Enterprise Search

It sounded easy – when we went to try it ourselves, we were overwhelmed by the architectural and technical complexity needed to achieve our goals. Outsourced search was our best alternative.

Jeffrey, BOQ Representative

Optimise your Cross-Selling Opportunities

Personalising the experience for your customers, Funnelback can be configured to dynamically serve contextually relevant content and adverts relating to a user's profile, query or journey on your website.

Display adverts for associated products next to search results, push changes in regulations or terms that your customers should be aware of, or simply promote your new related service offering to the top of the results page; Funnelbacks Marketing Dashboard makes it simple and automated.

Make things Personal

Put a face to your organisation and grow trust and commitment through a personal touch. Use rich results to showcase your branches or experts, opening times and personal accreditations, up-weighting the most relevant listings to the top of results and driving engagement from your users.

Trusted to Perform

Funnelback understands the needs of financial service organisations ranging from commercial banks to investment funds operating in the digital age and are proud to count multinational operations through to independent operators as clients.

Whether consumer focused, or making your employees more efficient, Funnelback can help you make more informed and intelligent decisions, by unlocking content archives and connecting information to individuals faster than ever before.