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  2. Higher Ed

    14 Oct 2017: Universities and Colleges. Funnelback is the search engine of choice for more than 75 of the world’s most respected higher-education institutions. Watch How We Help Universities. Your degrees are at the centre of university life, so your degree
  3. Contact

    1 Mar 2017: If you would like to hear from someone in our team, please provide your contact details. We'll be in touch soon. First Name. Last Name. Company. Job Title. Email. Phone. Country. Select Country. Australia. United Kingdom. New Zealand. Poland. United
  4. Government

    29 Sep 2017: An innovative suite of trusted tools to engage, support and educate government professionals and citizens alike. Every visitor to your site has a different need - from paying a bill to understanding government policy or even locating an office. It
  5. Enterprise Search

    26 May 2017: We understand that each organisation is unique, but we also know what all organisations have in common when it comes to what they want out of enterprise search. For an enterprise to get the most from its information assets, employees must be able to
  6. Funnelback for Higher Education

    10 Oct 2017: A flexible, pre-assembled search experience with marketing analytics tailored to Higher Education. Universities and colleges face unique digital challenges. Across the institution, competing factors all vie for attention. Internal silos. Independent
  7. Product

    23 May 2017: Funnelback is a search platform that enables you to go further, faster, with tangible insights that help you transform your business. Learn more about Funnelback. Funnelback delivers fast, smart and powerful search. Our platform is technology
  8. Funnelback for Finance

    26 Sep 2017: Funnelback for Finance is a flexible, pre-assembled search experience capable of driving application and loan volumes, new account opens and core deposits across your digital properties. Funnelback for Finance is an integrated search solution
  9. Finance

    13 Sep 2017: Improve customer satisfaction, generate leads and increase conversions through the sophisticated use of intelligent search.
  10. Insights and Auditing

    26 Jul 2017: The data and tools to put your customer first. Surface more than raw data. With transformative real-time insights, Funnelback Marketing Dashboard delivers the tools to create better, more personalized user experiences and the strategic insights to
  11. What's next for Funnelback?

    11 Oct 2017: Look no further for an official update on our product development plans in 2017