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  2. Federation Training

    Federation Training

    20 Dec 2016: Better and more informed course decisions through improved search UX and course search functionality and refinements from search.
  3. Contact

    27 Sep 2016: If you would like to hear from someone in our team, please provide your contact details. We'll be in touch soon. First Name. Last Name. Company. Job Title. Email. Phone. Country. Select Country. Australia. United Kingdom. New Zealand. Poland. United
  4. Training

    27 Sep 2016: Funnelback training is a great opportunity for our clients to access technical expertise and expand their knowledge base. Our team is dedicated to offering the most effective ways of using search to engage consumers and empower information workers.
  5. Transform

    27 Sep 2016: Deliver faster, better. Funnelback’s Understand Suite of tools allows your organisation to gather invaluable business insights, but understanding is only half the story. Drive organisational innovation by taking manual processes and automating
  6. Understand

    27 Sep 2016: We’ve created a suite of tools to streamline compliance, optimise your content and transform it into it’s most relevant and user friendly incarnation. Keeping tabs on all of your content is a big job. Whether you have one content team or belong
  7. The new marketing dashboard that's not just for marketers to love

    Nicolas Guillaumin, Software Engineer

    27 Sep 2016: Take control over your search and make the most of your analytics with our new dashboard.
  8. Blog

    Funnelback, Marketing Team

    27 Sep 2016: At Funnelback, our team of experts include engineers, developers, marketers, managers, sales people, project managers and administrators. Between us, we've always got something to say.
  9. About Us

    27 Sep 2016: Not another Google. The Funnelback difference. People often ask us why we'd build a search engine in the Age of Google. It's a good question, and we've got a great answer: We see search as more than keywords and queries. Search is a powerful tool
  10. Legal

    27 Sep 2016: In an industry where time is valuable, the importance of connecting people to the correct information quickly and effectively  has never been greater. Empowering you to be more efficient, more informed and make smarter decisions; Funnelback
  11. Macmillan


    27 Sep 2016: findability of clinical cancer content across several internal and external sources