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Funnelback delivers fast, smart and powerful search. It's a highly-configurable platform that can easily solve information problems ranging from website search to complex enterprise search.

Bridge the Silos - Don't Rebuild Them.

Within an enterprise, vast amounts of structured and unstructured information assets are created, stored, accessed and updated every day. It’s vital for businesses to be able to find and use this information.

For an enterprise to gain the greatest leverage from its information assets, employees must be able to share and reuse information. Funnelback Enterprise makes this information available via a single web interface in a timely, consistent and convenient manner, leading to faster, more informed decision-making.

Access multiple repositories enterprise-wide with a single search query

Funnelback creates separate indexes for each repository crawled but can allow users to choose which repositories they wish to search over. All popular file types can be indexed and Funnelback can also integrate with third-party filter libraries to handle file formats that are less widely used.

Enterprise Search Concept Diagram

Capture, Audit and Tame Your Enterprise Content.

Then make it perform.

Content Auditor

An intuitive dashboard that provides you with complete insight over your content, no matter where it's stored, so you can make informed decisions.

Content Classifier

Machine learning that analyses your content and automatically categorises it.

Text Miner

Automatically detect definitions in unstructured content.

Contextual Navigation

Detect conceptual clusters and disambiguate users' information requests.

Sessions and History

Empower users looking to track their search and click history whilst maintaining shortlists of items of interest.

Duplicate Detection

Prevent unnecessary document storage and retrieval costs.

Result Collapsing

Group related results together, minimising display of repetitive content.

Faceted Navigation

Explore large datasets and refine queries with easy-to-use, one-click facets.

Apply Security Controls.

Good to know? Or need to know?

Access to sensitive information in repositories and business applications can be restricted to authorised users. Funnelback also offers collection-level security and can be integrated with both Active Directory and legacy document-level access control systems.

Regard Search as a Platform.

All the features. All the capabilities. Ready from the outset.

Rapidly Build Search-Based Applications with Funnelback endpoints responding as HTML, XML, JSON, RSS feeds.

Connect to your existing repositories using pull- or push-based update mechanisms via RESTful APIs, native connectors, fileshares or SQL commands.

Openness where it matters

Kickstart your search interfaces with Funnelback's smart defaults, and extend your search capabilities at the gathering, filtering, indexing, ranking or user interface layers.

Capitalise on Funnelback's adoption of Open Standards for interoperability and transparent ranking behaviours.

Direct Application Control.

No more 'hands-off', locked black boxes.

Your internal IT teams can take direct control over update workflows, filter chains, configuration deployments, backups, redundancy patching and monitoring. Full access to search service file systems and functionality to authorised search administrators is provided...

Flexible Deployment.

Because Enterprises come in all shapes and sizes.


Windows or Linux? Virtualised or bare metal? It's your choice.


ISO27001-compliant data centres.

Shared Hosted

Affordable options to suit your requirements.

Enterprise deployments generally benefit from distributed role-specific servers: split your administration and gathering servers from query processing servers and provision them accordingly. You can scale up in the direction you need to support:

  • many millions of documents
  • heavy query volumes
  • complex query types
  • aggressive index latencies

Monitor, Measure and Analyse.

Get a Bird's Eye View of Your Content

Funnelback's Content Auditing tool allows for rapid analysis of your information holdings, allowing Information Managers to drill-down on areas of growth or concern.

Quickly build reports identifying gaps in publishing consistency or quality, identify duplicates and prolific publishing patterns, and get your emerging and legacy content back under control.

Content Auditor
Usage Summary Graph

Track Query Usage

Drill-down on users' search behaviour, augment your web analytics and uncover their real needs.

Funnelback's search analytics will reveal where your users are coming from, what they're searching for, where they're going, and when they hit dead ends.

Receive Notifications of Query Spikes

Find the patterns beyond simple top-twenty query analysis - Funnelback's Trend Alerts will warn you of significant changes to users' query behaviour as it occurs.

Respond intelligently with new content, search engine query processing adjustments or communication campaigns.

Query Spike Detection


  • Search across all of your organisation’s internal information.
  • Accurate, fast search for more informed decision making.
  • Enhance the ROI on information stored within your organisation.
  • Increase staff productivity. Avoid duplication of effort.
  • Improve customer service and receive fewer complaints.
  • Find both structured and unstructured information.
  • Install & implement on your own server based on your specific business requirements.

Funnelback Enterprise can search across a myriad of corporate content repositories including websites, intranets, shared drives, document management systems, email systems, SharePoint and databases. No matter how large or small your organisation, Funnelback Enterprise can tailor the solution to your business needs and your information architecture.

Our Enterprise Clients Include:


Funnelback makes it easy with out-of-the-box ‘stencils’ - pre-built and easily tailorable best practice solutions for rapid deployment.


Put information in your students' hands with tailorable course search.


Connect users with published research and experts in their field.


Powerful e-commerce search that integrates with your existing systems.


Bring all your social content together with unified search.


Deliver faster, more personalised event search.


Connect your staff with search that goes beyond names and departments.


Power up your mobile search.


Best-practice image search - out-of-the-box.


Easy map integration with rich result presentation and geo-spatial search.


Put prospective employees in touch with the right job for them.

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