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  2. Industries

    4 Aug 2017: Providing seamless search experiences across various industry sectors, Funnelback’s best-practice solutions easily solve information problems ranging from standard website search to complex large scale enterprise deployments.
  3. Analyse

    Funnelback provides various analytics and reporting options to give you information on what people are searching for and what kind of content is being searched. It also provides various logging and diagnostic reports to help fine-tune your system.
  4. Contact

    1 Mar 2017: If you would like to hear from someone in our team, please provide your contact details. We'll be in touch soon. First Name. Last Name. Company. Job Title. Email. Phone. Country. Select Country. Australia. United Kingdom. New Zealand. Poland. United
  5. Funnelback Accessibility Auditor

    16 Aug 2017: Digital accessibility is about making the internet and its content universally usable to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, language, device in use, or ability. But web accessibility doesn't only impact impaired users. It has far-reaching
  6. More

    This section contains additional reference documentation on specific configuration settings and other details which may be useful in Funnelback implementations. For most cases, it will be difficult to read the reference documentation 'cover-to-cover'
  7. Enterprise Search

    26 May 2017: We understand that each organisation is unique, but we also know what all organisations have in common when it comes to what they want out of enterprise search. For an enterprise to get the most from its information assets, employees must be able to
  8. Develop: Reference documents

    This page gives an overview of key resources and APIs for web developers who need to do advanced customisation or programmers developing applications on op of Funnelback. Programming Options. Overview of the different search interfaces available
  9. product-documentation

    <noscript> <div>JavaScript is disabled on your browser.</div> </noscript> <h2>Frame Alert</h2> <p>This document is designed to be viewed using the frames feature. If you see this message, you are using a
  10. Customise

    Customising Funnelback allows you to provide a better search experience for your users. This page gives an overview of some of the options available. Administration Interface Customisation Options. Funnelback's Administration Interface provides core
  11. Content

    Introduction. The Content Auditor is a tool which allows a collection administrator to rapidly gain an understanding of the content of a site or set of sites, with a particular focus on metadata. Accessing Content Auditor. You can access the content