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  2. The Guide to Web Accessibility Part 1: What is accessibility?

    27 Jun 2017: Simplifying web accessibility; the what, the why, the how.
  3. The Guide to Web Accessibility Part 2: Why Care?

    27 Jun 2017: Highlighting the importance of accessibility, for your organization and for your valued customer.
  4. Enterprise Search

    26 May 2017: We understand that each organisation is unique, but we also know what all organisations have in common when it comes to what they want out of enterprise search. For an enterprise to get the most from its information assets, employees must be able to
  5. Contact

    1 Mar 2017: If you would like to hear from someone in our team, please provide your contact details. We'll be in touch soon. First Name. Last Name. Company. Job Title. Email. Phone. Country. Select Country. Australia. United Kingdom. New Zealand. Poland. United
  6. The new marketing dashboard that's not just for marketers to love

    19 Apr 2017: Take control over your search and make the most of your analytics with our new dashboard.
  7. Product

    23 May 2017: Funnelback is a search platform that enables you to go further, faster, with tangible insights that help you transform your business. Learn more about Funnelback. Funnelback delivers fast, smart and powerful search. Our platform is technology
  8. Blog

    1 Mar 2017: At Funnelback, our team of experts include engineers, developers, marketers, managers, sales people, project managers and administrators. Between us, we've always got something to say.
  9. Legal

    1 Mar 2017: In an industry where time is valuable, the importance of connecting people to the correct information quickly and effectively  has never been greater. Empowering you to be more efficient, more informed and make smarter decisions; Funnelback
  10. Macmillan

    1 Mar 2017: “The improved search efficiency not only translates into a better intranet experience for our staff, but also into real business benefits for the organisation”. Kerry Blackadar, Macmillan Cancer Support. Macmillan Cancer Support is a UK
  11. Our Customers

    19 May 2017: We strive to build strong, exemplary working relationships with all of our clients, and we like to share our most unique implementations.