We’ve created a suite of tools to streamline compliance, optimise your content and transform it into its most relevant and user friendly incarnation.

Business Insights that Make a Big Impact

Keeping tabs on all of your content is a big job. Whether you have one content team or belong to an  organisation that employs a devolved authoring environment, your audience reaps the benefits of hearing directly from your subject matter experts. The downside is, sometimes content goes rogue. Funnelback's business insights help you tame your content, keep your company messaging in line, and deliver a great user experience.

Give control to your Content Managers

Funnelback's Understand Suite helps content management teams by providing comprehensive reporting tools that are flexible and tailorable. 

Hierarchical reporting structures made available through a simple dashboard help individuals and teams take control over their websites by providing a framework for content delegation.

Funnelback provides detailed feedback on how to improve user experience, such as duplicate detection in web pages, reporting slow page response times and alerting management to spikes in search term traffic helps organisations build a trusting relationship with their users by ensuring a pleasant user experience.

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Empower your Content Authors

Content authors often find themselves in the midst of a delicate balancing act, keeping their creative juices flowing whilst still making sure what they are writing is in line with company messaging. 

Report on unfavourable language, keep an eye on the readability of content and messy or missing metadata, and give your content authors the freedom to continue pushing out powerful copy that is accessible, clean and dynamic.

Insightful Search Strategies that put your Customer First

Creating best practice web content is at your fingertips with Funnelback's intuitive dashboards.

Funnelback's content insights will drive a new level of understanding, control, and quality across your organisation's digital assets.

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