Deliver faster, better.

Drive Digital Innovation with Real Business Insights

Funnelback’s Understand Suite of tools allows your organisation to gather invaluable business insights, but understanding is only half the story. Drive organisational innovation by taking manual processes and automating them through search.

Whether it's automatically categorising your content or synthesising data from different repositories to display it as a web page, Funnelback can change the way you work.

Key features

  • Search as an API

  • Search Powered Content

  • Predictive segmentation

  • Content Classifier

The Power of the API

The trust placed in a search engine to index all the content throughout an organisation places it in a unique and powerful position.

Funnelback’s API is the perfect solution for transforming the way you access and use siloed data. By stitching together information from multiple repositories and feeding it into other systems, you can continue to manage content where it lies and eliminate manual effort.


Leverage your Insights and Build Better Dynamic Content

Proactively preempting what your audience is looking for will help you deliver information in a timely way that benefits your customer and your business.

A tailored Funnelback search allows for search based on circumstance, not query, and takes factors such as location and organisation of the user into consideration. Serve up content to your audience that goes above and beyond what they actively seek.

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