Website Search

Search is an integral part of your website. For best results, prioritize your search strategy.

It's your first point of engagement. Make it count.

More than 40% of visitors are likely already using search on your site, according to data from the Nielsen Group and MarketingSherpa. And that number only stands to grow as your users come to trust your search the way they do on their favorite websites.

Unite digital content across silos into a single user experience with website search from Funnelback. Good user experience can increase business-critical KPIs by up to 83%. And studies have found up to 225% growth simply by providing the right information at the right time to site visitors with a solution like site search. (Read more about the ROI of search here)

Unify your content through search

  • Convert your website visitors through Search

  • Include your intranet for staff

  • Promote your Social Media channels

  • realize the value in your database

Machine learning + knowledge graph solve business problems faster

Funnelback’s machine learning technology uses 70 ranking factors that automatically tweak the algorithm for your site’s search results, giving your users the best information, every time. And Funnelback knowledge graph works to best understand the way your data relates to other data, building relationship bridges to surface the most accurate and relevant results every time. Together, these under-the-hood solutions help make your search solution a business solution.

  • Records search queries & clicks to refine results automatically, bringing the best content to the surface.
  • Recommends similar results, query suggestions and successful content based on past behavior.
  • Core algorithms learn from your most popular results to do the heavy lifting for you.

Search plus context plus insights

Funnelback's proactive approach to search analyses the user’s current and past interactions, customer and data insights, and the relationship between the user’s query and relevant information sources. With minimal interaction, the user is presented with highly contextualized recommended content or digital services.

This is search plus context plus insights in action.

One search engine, many solutions

Solve a diverse range of business problems with the highly configurable Funnelback site search platform.

It is a flexible solution, capable of bringing together organization-wide digital content and providing a single view of the world to a user, including information in databases, custom applications and social media.

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