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Funnelback delivers fast, smart and powerful search. Our technology is built on a platform that is as flexible as it is reliable. Every day we help organisations solve information problems at website level through to complex enterprise, database and CRM search.

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Understand it all

More than just Search.

We understand that search is just part of the experience that you provide for your customers. Beyond helping your organisation achieve ultimate findability, we’ve created a suite of tools to streamline compliance, optimise your content and transform it into it’s most relevant and user friendly incarnation.

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Transform the way you work

Understanding your content is only part of the big picture of digital transformation. 

Mobilise your insights and transform the way you do business. Whether it's automatically categorising your content or pulling together data from different repositories and displaying it as a webpage, Funnelback will change the way you work.

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Enterprise Search: Power, Efficiency, Flexibility

Because Enterprises come in all shapes and sizes.

Bring together organisation-wide digital content and provide a single view of the world to a user, including information in databases, custom applications and social media.

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Our Hosting Options

We’d love for you to host your search with us, but we know that there are reasons why that may not suit your organisation.

Luckily, there are no ‘hands-off’, locked black boxes at Funnelback, and you can host your instance wherever your company policy dictates.


Windows or Linux? Virtualised or bare metal? It's your choice.


Trusted data centres.

Shared Hosted

Affordable options to suit your requirements.