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Funnelback connects your visitors to the information and vital support you offer quicker and more intuitively than ever before, driving donations and crucially ensuring that those in need find the help they seek.

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Do what you do best – Be helpful

Delivering critical information to those in need as fast as possible is the main goal of a Not for Profit website.

However, whether they are partners, fundraisers, potential donors or the very audience you are trying to help, every visitor to your site should be able to find the content they are looking for quickly and easily.

The challenge your organization faces is how to present a multitude of resources, content, research data, advice and guidance clearly to each of these visitors. Funnelback’s site search technology solves these issues, guiding your users to the most relevant content as efficiently as possible, whilst fitting into the look and feel of your site.

Guide your users & showcase your content

Guide the user journey

Assist your visitors on their journey through your site through the use of configurable features and advanced filters within Funnelback search.

Implement intelligent auto-suggestion and auto-complete features to guide those searching for help and support on specific subjects narrow down their query. Configure your search to provide prominence to your latest fundraising campaign and drive donations or integrate social media and e-commerce listings into your search results to provide a holistic overview for your users.

Not just a search engine, Funnelback is an information architecture problem solver, connecting your users to the information they need fast.

The improved search efficiency not only translates into a better intranet experience for our staff, but also into real business benefits for the organization.

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Ensure quality and accessible content for all

Coming to you in their time of need or crisis, it is vitally important that your users, some of whom may not be as accustomed to using the internet or have restrictive disabilities which make it difficult for them to do so, not only find your content but are able to access it as well.

Not just another search template, Funnelback’s built-in suite of tools and analytics provides real insight and empowers you to have complete visibility and control over the quality and structure of your content; including an important overview of how accessible your content is in accordance with WCAG guidelines, ensuring that it is open and understandable to all of your visitors.

Further to accessibility recommendations, the content auditor provides key insights into all of your content quality from broken links to areas that require improvement to meet your online objectives, helping you keep on top of your content, no matter where it is stored.

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