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Connecting people with information, help, services and policy, Funnelback has been trusted by government for secure, reliable search for over 15 years.

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Funnelback. For a more connected government

Every visitor to your site has a different need - from paying a bill to understanding government policy or even locating an office. It may seem impossible to bring it all together.

Our population deserves to be able to access government services and information with ease, no matter where that content lives. With Funnelback, bringing multiple sites and databases into one main search for a clearer view of your content is simple. Whether your bread and butter is social services or the arts, Funnelback tailors a best practice, UX centered search solution ideal for government agencies. Not only that, it’s guaranteed to index only the content you want, so you’ll remain in control of data security.


"Search as a Service" for government

Rethink your traditional search. The Funnelback search platform is addressing business critical problems throughout government agencies everyday.

Automate engagement

Move people away from office fronts and call centres by providing up to date, useful search results. In addition to a powerful search ranking algorithm Funnelback provides a host of user friendly search features, such as the ability to promote events and important current updates.

Surface services

Serve your audience more effectively by giving them the opportunity to compare your products or services. With ‘shopping cart’ functionality, you’ll make it easier for them to find the service in the right areas, whether it be a local support service, grants and subsidies, or welfare benefits.

Guided search

Build search based tools for determining whether your service is right for your user, for aggregating reports for public consumption or for collecting data. Not just a powerful search tool, Funnelback is an ideal platform for solving a range of different business problems.


Enhance the quality of your information with geosearch to serve up more interactive, more actionable results. As a stand alone search or a stand out search feature, geosearch will connect your audience with their desired service quicker than a traditional search results page.

Being able to provide appropriate results for the different audiences is really important to the Commission. With hundreds, maybe thousands of results for certain terms, Funnelback gives options to refine search results, and provide advice on how to retrieve better results.

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The Marketing Dashboard for comprehensive management

Digital teams across the organization will benefit from Funnelback’s suite of insights and auditing tools, included in a Funnelback search licence. Purpose built to help you manage your search, understand your audience and provide insights on your content, you can oversee it all via the Funnelback Marketing Dashboard.

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