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The search solution made for connected government.

Empower citizens wherever they are with streamlined access to government services and information, from paying a bill to understanding government policy or locating an office.

Funnelback for Government is quick to deploy, simple to manage, and secure. Unite multiple sites, social media and databases into one search experience to provide users with a clearer view of their government while reducing organizational risk and costly customer service infrastructure.


Transform citizen services with Funnelback for Government, the trusted, secure, quick to deploy search platform

Empower citizens, business and staff with Funnelback for Government. Increase efficiency, improve decision-making, mitigate security risks, deliver superior service, and drive better public outcomes.

Promote and understand your most valuable content

Integrate your campaigns or priorities directly into the search results, surfacing certain pages or sections over others or show an alert related to certain topics. Utilize Funnelback analytics to better understand what your users are looking for, answers they can’t find on your site, and the terms they use to find them.

Unify departments and information

Bring departments, employees, social media, databases, and websites together in one location. Provide a single central source of truth across government interactions. Funnelback seamlessly integrates diverse platforms to provide easy access to everything.

Escape from basic search

With other search solutions, security risks and maintenance costs can overwhelm your efforts to provide citizen services. Does your open-source search solution require full-time staff to maintain basic functionality? Does it struggle to integrate multiple platforms, from Drupal to WordPress to social media and video? With Funnelback, these challenges and costs are a thing of the past.

Surface services, reduce costs

Reduce costs by minimizing the need for phone or in-person visits and paper documents. Effortlessly surface local support services, contracts, and more. And avoid the costs associated with other insecure, open-source or enterprise search solutions. Read more about how Funnelback drives channel shift on our blog.

Streamline constituent engagement

Provide residents and businesses convenient access to the latest information and services. In emergency situations, respond in real time to share appropriate tools and resources and ensure the right data is surfaced at just the right time.

Being able to provide appropriate results for the different audiences is really important to the Commission. With hundreds, maybe thousands of results for certain terms, Funnelback gives options to refine search results, and provide advice on how to retrieve better results.

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The Marketing Dashboard for comprehensive management

Digital teams across your team will benefit from Funnelback’s suite of insights and auditing tools, included with each Funnelback for Government license. Easily identify and correct misspelled or improperly used words or phrases, update out-of-date information, flag inaccessible content, and understand what terms your users prefer (‘typhoon’ or ‘hurricane’, for example).

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Learn more about Funnelback Insights and Auditing