Wellington City Council

Replacing Google with a significantly enhanced search experience, and with no disruption to end users

The organization

Wellington is New Zealand's centre of government and the world's southernmost capital city. It is also the country's cultural capital, third most populous urban area in New Zealand and home to many museums, theatres and arts festivals.

Wellington City Council's long-term strategic vision, Towards 2040: Smart Capital, builds on Wellington's strengths to help achieve economic growth, greater success and an improved quality of life for all Wellingtonians.

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Public Sector
New Zealand
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The challenge

Wellington City Council found themselves in a common predicament — a looming deadline for the replacement of their Google Search Appliance.

This was no small Google search implementation. Search was essential across multiple websites, including the main council and library website. Incredibly, search-specific features were used by up to 3000 people an hour. A service disruption or degradation of the user experience was simply unacceptable.

The approach

With a swift timeline, Wellington City Council took a conservative approach. They would procure a like-for-like replacement of their Google Search Appliance, ensuring neither end-user search features nor administrative controls were lost in their migration to a new platform.

Council staff were also looking to the future, and were keen to ensure that their new search platform would grow with their anticipated needs. Specifically, they wanted to know that their chosen platform had the capability to provide:

  • a significantly enhanced search experience to end users, with robust useful search functionality and user interface features;
  • greater administrative controls, empowering both the content teams and development teams alike; and
  • the capability to scale licences seamlessly to provide search across additional websites and content repositories.
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