Searchless in Seattle (New Funnelback NA Offices Open)

Funnelback has set up shop in Seattle!

After months of strategic planning, scoping and visa applications, Funnelback is excited to announce the opening of a new office in Seattle, nestled between Puget Sound and the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.

Expanding to the United States

With successful offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Poland, Funnelback's steady growth in North America called for a local office with North America-based technical resources.

Funnelback's search platform has a rich history within the finance, higher education and government sectors. Our Seattle office is excited to share our powerful tool for transforming user experiences and business processes and to provide guiding insights that have a real impact on the bottom line.

Why Seattle?

Seattle boasts a strong technology sector, robust corporate community, and easy access to the North American market and our headquarters in Australia. Critically, it also has excellent coffee.

View of Seattle

Our People

Ben Tilley spent 5 years growing Funnelback’s business in Australia, and 2 years managing our team of salespeople and account managers as the General Manager of Sales. Ben was the obvious man for the job when we opened an American office, and the first to eagerly put up his hand to drive Funnelback in the U.S. market.

Nicolas Guillaumin was the second Funnelbacker to join the Seattle team. Nico’s 6-year history with Funnelback as a Software Engineer and Hosting Manager, and his close involvement with product development, make him a perfect technical lead to support our U.S. customers.

Will Noble moved to Seattle after more than two years as an Account Manager in the London office. In Seattle, Will focuses on business development.

Paolo Sciarra has led marketing efforts in fast-growing Seattle startups and global technology companies. At Funnelback Seattle, he manages demand generation.

Jesse Swingle worked at a number of tech firms and in advertising before joining Funnelback Seattle as Marketing Manager.

Signs of Success

We are looking forward to a fantastic year of growth, new relationships and exciting new challenges.

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