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A closer look at what you didn’t know Funnelback could do.

New year, same challenges? It doesn't have to be this way. The same technology that brings together all your data into a single source of truth can revolutionize the way you populate content on your website. Leave duplicate content and time-consuming updates in the past.

Let's take a closer look at what you didn’t know Funnelback could do.

Search powered content [SPC] is content populated by the AI-powered technology that generates relevant search results. Instead of being triggered by a user’s specific query in a search bar, this content is populated by an algorithm that examines click data, behavior or a predefined query.

To spark some ideas for how this could improve your content strategy, read our ode to a new content strategy, where the first step is listening.

Curtin University

CU uses SPC to populate their homepage with a “What’s happening at Curtin” component. From news and events to research and social media posts Curtin University is serving highly relevant content to each and every site visitor with Funnelback.

Middlesex University London

MUL generates the “Our Research” page on their website using SPC to pull content from disparate systems into the homepage. They’ve integrated news, courses, and staff profiles to serve up this information eliminating the need to build a new page and duplicate the already existing content.

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