The new marketing dashboard that's not just for marketers to love

Take control over your search and make the most of your analytics with our new dashboard.

We are excited to announce that we have listened to your feedback about the usability of our product, and as part of Funnelback version 15 our dedicated R&D team have developed a brand new Marketing Dashboard in the administration interface!

  • Discovering and using features is a lot easier: Awesome Funnelback features like Tuning or SEO Auditor were previously buried deep inside the interface, with users often unaware that they existed. This new dashboard exposes all Funnelback features on an equal foot and assists you in using them with suggestions and contextual help.
  • Hiding the technical complexity away: The new dashboard only shows what’s relevant to your search service. While the various back-end collections and technical components are hidden, you can still interact with all of the controls that impact on what your customer is seeing in your search.
  • For the marketing team: The new interface gives you instant access to all the features you need to analyse and optimize the search experience for your users: Search Analytics, Synonyms, Curator, SEO Auditor and Tuning.
  • For webmasters: Use the Accessibility Auditor to check your website compliance with WCAG guidelines, and the Content Auditor to gain an understanding of your content and metadata.

Let’s go on a quick tour of this new interface, shall we?

The Dashboard at a glance

The first thing you’ll see when logging in to the administration interface is a the Marketing Dashboard giving you an at-a-glance summary of your search service.

Dashboard overview

The dashboard will give you an immediate overview of the status of your search service, such as:

  • Drops and spikes in search and click volume
  • Accessibility status of your content
  • Content metadata breakdown
  • Quick access to various Funnelback features to optimize your search service
  • Current search score, from the Tuning data


The analyse section gives you access to features to help you analyse your search users and your content: Search Analytics, Accessibility Auditor, Content Auditor and SEO Auditor. We’ll have a quick peek at Search Analytics and SEO Auditor.

Search Analytics

The Search Analytics present your existing search metrics broken down by searches, clicks and locations. Comparison of data between multiple date ranges is possible, in the example below between 2014 and 2015.

search analytics

SEO Auditor

The SEO Auditor has been improved to make it easier to use; It will now suggest terms and documents for you to audit:

Seo auditor


The optimize section allows you to make the most out of Funnelback to improve the search experience for your users.

Synonyms & Curator

The publication of synonyms and curator rules has been greatly simplified. Each item can now be published and unpublished individually in a very quick fashion, and unpublished changes are clearly visible.


Adding multiple synonyms at once has also never been easier.

multiple synonyms


Tuning is one of the most powerful but overlooked features of Funnelback. It allows Funnelback to automatically tune its ranking algorithm to be best suited to your content, based on a training set. The new dashboard makes editing the training set easier and provides suggestions about which documents and keywords to tune.

tuning overview

Contextual help

The dashboard provides an built-in contextual help system for features that deserve a bit more explanation:

contextual help

Upgrading from a current Funnelback service?

Upgrading to Funnelback v15 is the next step you need to take to get access to this new dashboard. Your existing Funnelback configurations and data will be preserved and automatically available through the new dashboard.

Upgrade today and start analysing and optimizing your search service like never before!

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