Marketing box set 2019

We’re here to help with our 2019 Marketer’s Box Set.

This far into 2019, you’ve no doubt started building out your plan for the year, stepped back, and wondered: Do I have the tools to take on everything?

Fear not: we’re here to help with our 2019 Marketer’s Box Set to get you started.

These three marketing ebooks will help.

Download the 2019 Marketing Box Set now.

Here’s what you can expect from each guide in this free set from Funnelback:

An Introduction to Search UX

When you mapped user flows, built personas and constructed a site map during your last redesign, you spoke UX. Did that extend to one of the most-used tools on your site, search?

Search must offer relevant results across data silos. It must securely incorporate data from staff directories, spreadsheets, social media, CMS platforms and even, in higher education, course directories. And it must be there when the user wants it, underlining instead of working against your carefully crafted information architecture.

If you’re asking yourself:

  • Who uses search, and what are they finding (and not finding)?
  • How can my search results look like Google or Amazon?
  • How can I integrate all my data sources?
  • How can I promote certain content or campaigns to the top of the results?

This is the guide for you.

How to attract & engage Gen Z

Focused on higher education, this guide applies across any workplace trying to appeal to this complex generation.

They’re on Amazon, Netflix, Snapchat and have tremendous buying power. They’re looking at banking, college applications, travel, and everything else in a whole new way than their millennial predecessors. Are you speaking their language?

Have you wondered:

  • Why would I even use Snapchat?
  • How do video ads work - and are they effective?
  • Does anyone watch more than cat videos and 90s music videos on YouTube?

This guide? We wrote it for you, bae.

Site search checklist

Get to an answer quickly with this tl;dr guide to site search.

If you’ve wondered:

  • Should we invest in a better search solution?
  • How are our systems integrated right now?
  • Do our search results pages reflect active marketing campaigns and content we want at the top, or are they just ten blue blinks?

This guide will help you get the most out of your site search and help you think about it in a whole new way.

Ready to download? Your 2019 Funnelback Marketing Box Set is ready to go - just click here.

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