How to simplify your searchable content

Here are a few SEO strategies to keep in mind that will super-charge your content's impact on a website.

Writing in a way that represents who you are as an organization, is genuine, and takes your audience into consideration is a great way to ensure that your customers trust you -- and to drive conversions.

With that in mind, here are five tips to structure your content to help it rank well in search results:

  1. The more occurrences of a query word in your page, the better. 

    Try using words in your copy that are relevant to the targeted audience and would reflect the words they might use to search. Be sure to use them within reason so your copy still sounds natural!

  2. Keep your content succinct.

    Because search engines prefer shorter pages to longer ones, it’s important to keep your copy precise. Look through your copy critically and remove anything that sidetracks the reader from the point you’re trying to make. If your ultimate goal is to get your customers to buy your product, don’t bog them down with statistics that will lead them away from your goal.

  3. Use words that are unique to the subject matter of your content. 

    For example, if your website’s subject matter is insects, but the page you are writing about is specifically related to bumble bees, always use the terms bumble bees or bees, and use the term insects as sparingly as possible. Because the word insects is already all over your website, it isn’t likely to return any meaningful search results if used as a search term. Using specific language will make the relevant content easier to find via search.

  4. Mix up your content! 

    A page with paragraph after paragraph of text is not only visually boring and may lose your readers, it makes your content harder to find via search. By varying your paragraph size, using bullet points, and using different font sizes on important quotes and headings, your copy can be easily skimmed and provide more enjoyable reading for your audience.

    Diversifying your content shouldn’t just stop there! Enriching your copy with graphics, videos, and supplemental links all help to explain the information you are trying to convey more effectively, not to mention it provides a more visually exciting experience. Make sure to incorporate good practices for images and links by ensuring your images are relevant to your content and avoiding excessive link bait.

  5. Stay on target.

    Remember who your audience is and who you’re writing for! Understanding what you want to encourage your audience to do is pivotal to creating copy and content that leads them somewhere, whether that is reading more of your content, buying your product, or becoming a recurring visitor to your website.

Creating effective, punchy, and highly searchable content that also drives quality conversions is a complex task. Each business is individual in nature, and therefore individual in its challenges. Speaking in a genuine voice that represents your organization’s identity is a surefire way to make sure that your customers can trust you, so start from there and incorporate our tips to create the optimal searchable content.

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