Drupal and Funnelback - a brilliant match

Understanding the value of powerful search in your open-source CMS

Your web design team has selected Drupal, the open-source CMS of choice for millions of sites. Everyone is excited about the possibilities it offers. It even comes with built-in search to serve that quarter to half of users dependent on the search bar for navigation.

And with integrated search - what a weight off. You can just set it and forget it, leaving it to its work. After all, it’s just search -- right?

With many users trained by Amazon, Google and Netflix to lean on search for navigation, you might be losing out on potential revenue and constraining your most engaged users. After all, site search users know exactly what they're looking for.

Funnelback site search is CMS-agnostic, built to play nicely with any content. This includes searching across multiple domains or subsites, databases, multiple CMS solutions, and even maps. And a powerful machine learning algorithm behind the scenes helps you understand what your users want, automatically highlighting the most relevant data and allowing you to manually surface certain content, domains or formats over others.

This means you have one less thing to worry about in selecting a CMS. You will still enjoy the advantages and flexibility of a world-class search solution, either via a Drupal plug-in or a simple integration across platforms with Funnelback.

What other benefits can you expect from Funnelback site search on your Drupal page?

  • Funnelback’s world-class algorithm and tuning capabilities ensure highly relevant search results every time
  • The dedicated web crawler ensures all content is reliably captured and provides a range of specific include and exclude parameters
  • Provides relevant search result summaries with flexible options for display
  • Supports PDF search
  • Supports customizable crawl schedules
  • Supports full-text search
  • Out of the box features, with little configuration required, ensure an optimal user experience every time
  • Comes with a suite of Insights tools such as analytics and content and accessibility auditing included at no cost
  • Funnelback can index multiple sites into one main search for a clearer view of your content.

An open laptop with adelaide university site search displayed

With all the CX advantages of a well-considered search strategy and a flexible solution like Funnelback, can you afford to ignore what your users are telling you?

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