Presenting Funnelback 15.12

In November, our team launched Funnelback 15.12. Though not a major version release, changes throughout the Funnelback platform make it significant. Here’s why we’re excited.

Funnelback (née P@noptic) version 1.0 was released in 2001. We haven’t slept since. In version 15.12, we're excited to present a number of new, updated and reworked features to make your search experience even better.

Faceted navigation upgraded

With e-commerce leading the way, checkbox facets with result counts are emerging as a standard. This is now easier than ever to set up in Funnelback. The new configuration interface includes explicit options for checkbox facets, tabbed presentation, radio button facets, and mixed facet category sources. To make sure you know what you’re getting, it also includes a preview page and troubleshooting tips.

Accessibility Auditor updates

One of our most popular features, Accessibility Auditor has been expanded and improved in this version to better meet the needs of those working to meet or exceed WCAG standards. A new reporting overview examines each WCAG technique and success criterion, surfacing necessary and completed changes for those accountable for digital accessibility. Users are also now able to filter and export Accessibility Auditor reports, ensuring even more sophisticated reporting and easier integration into any existing tools.

Hardening security features

One of the benefits of enterprise-grade search is built-in security. With this release, both SAML authentication and x.509 client certificate authentication were added on top of a number of additional security refinements, including the password hashing mechanism itself.

Improved APIs

A number of refinements and changes to Funnelback APIs mean improvements to most API-dependent tools, including improved push collection snapshot APIs and better marking of incomplete snapshots.

Autocompletion with Concierge

Released first as a beta on the Funnelback GitHub site, Concierge is a sophisticated auto-completion tool now built into Funnelback. Concierge supports multiple auto-completion sources, includes a number of display options (including multiple columns), and integrates into existing websites more seamlessly than our earlier tool.


If you’re using a hosted version of Funnelback, your update is seamless and requires 0 downtime.

Get started

Check out our release notes here, or download here.

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