About Us

Search like you've never seen it.

Funnelback isn’t a search engine. It’s a problem-solver. 

The Funnelback difference

People often ask us why we'd build a search engine in the Age of Google. It's a good question, and we've got a great answer: We see search as more than keywords and queries. Search is a powerful tool that can bring disparate data together in a way that transforms businesses.

At Funnelback, we don't see search as the endgame - it's the technology that underpins great solutions. We've been recognised by leading analysts because we continually strive to produce solutions for every industry and business problem, from course finders for Higher Education to predictive segmentation and dynamic curation tools for marketing teams.

We are a team of passionate search advocates and we always believe we can build a solution to suit your exact needs - just ask us: it's what we're best at.