Funnelback Training Courses

Funnelback training is a great opportunity for our clients to access technical expertise and expand their knowledge base. Our team is dedicated to offering the most effective ways of using search to engage consumers and empower information workers. Connect with our expert consultants, discover solutions and resources, and learn more about what Funnelback has to offer.

  • 100 Series

    Introduces participants to Search Concepts, Analytics, Tuning, Content Optimiser and configuration of Best Bets and Synonyms in a series of modules typically spanning a half day.

    Ideal for: Content Authors; Marketing and Communication Staff; Online / Digital Staff

    Duration: 0.5 day

  • 200 Series

    Participants will dive deep into the Funnelback administration interface, leveraging pre-configured collection indexes as the backend to beautiful, flexible, usable, highly-tailored front-ends for search-based applications.

    Ideal for: Front-end developers; User Interface and User Experience professionals; Content strategists

    Duration:1 day

  • 300 Series

    Participants will have the opportunity to create complete Funnelback-powered search solutions from the ground up using a variety of repository types, optimising an index and collection for sustained growth and flexible usage.

    Ideal for: Content Management System (CMS) Administrators; Information Architects; System Integrators; Content Strategists

    Duration:1 day

  • Custom Training

    This course is tailored by Funnelback consultants to meet your organisation's specific training needs.

    Duration: Negotiable

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