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Our expert team is here to help you. We offer more than just a search solution. The Funnelback software is supported by our team of experts to assist our customers every step of the way. Whether it be support for our fully managed SaaS service or support at any stage of the design, deployment or after sales stages, we're always here to help.

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Channel Australia United Kingdom
Phone (Business Hours Support Clients) +61 2 6176 3160 +44 20 7183 6847
Phone (24/7 Support Clients) +61 4 3927 0218 +44 7 9618 44123

Support Packages

Funnelback's dedicated support team ensure that your search solution processes queries with speed and efficiency, returns highly relevant search results and is perfectly customised to your needs.

We have a range of support packages to accompany our search solutions, ranging from basic business hours support to 24x7 global support.

To find out more about our support packages, or if you need support, get in contact with us.


Funnelback offers a training courses to help search administrators master the Funnelback Administration Interface. The courses are run from our offices in Australia and the UK. Arrangements can also be made for onsite or custom training.

The training courses cover tuning, styling the search pages, customising the search results page, Funnelback features and generating reports and alerts. The courses includes notes, workshops/exercises and an assessment component to test your knowledge and comprehension. The assessment is a combination of written questions and practical activities.

Full details on our training courses.

Customer Resources

Customers can access the following online resources: