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Accurate, fast search is an essential part of creating a successful website and a positive user experience. The more content on your website, the greater the need for an effective search tool to allow users to easily locate the information they are looking for.

Benefits of Funnelback Website Search

Funnelback website search delivers a range of benefits for your users and your organisation. The key benefits include:

  • Improved User Experience – The combination of high quality search, customisable features and insightful reports provides the capability to deliver an effective search facility, helping your users to achieve their goals and improving their user experience.
  • Increased Conversions – Funnelback search makes products, services and information easier to find and can also be used to deliver highly targeted promotional content. This leads to increased conversions, greater customer satisfaction and reduced customer services costs.
  • Business Intelligence – Search reports and analytics provide valuable business intelligence which can be utilised to make your website, content, products and services more aligned to your users’ needs.
  • Deliver Personalised Content – Funnelback can be used to deliver context aware results based on the user’s location, interests, profile or browsing history. This creates a personalised experience that leads the user to highly relevant content.

Key Features of Funnelback Website Search

Funnelback’s extensive feature set provides the flexibility and control to tailor the search to suit your organisation and objectives. Some of the key features include:

  • Search Quality – Funnelback uses high quality search and ranking algorithms to deliver relevant, accurately ranked results.
  • Complete Control – Search ranking can be manually or automatically tuned to ensure it is delivering preferable results and favoured content can be upweighted, or set to appear first. Funnelback also learns from your users and automatically adjusts ranking based on their behaviour.
  • Promotional Features – Funnelback’s best bet and related content features can be used to promote products, services and information to a highly targeted audience, based on their search queries.
  • Flexible Results Presentation – Search results are presented in a user friendly format that can be completely customised to fit the look and feel of your website and to improve the navigability and usability of the results.
  • Results Navigation – Funnelback’s Contextual Navigation dynamically creates sub topics of a results set to help the user to refine their search without the need for a predefined taxonomy or metadata. Faceted Navigation also creates sub topics of a results set but uses your content’s structure or metadata to create a navigational hierarchy.
  • Search Query Features – Funnelback guides the user to use accurate and relevant search terms by automatically suggesting queries as the user types, suggesting alternatives when errors are made, and providing a thesaurus and support for phrase searching and stemming.
  • Content Optimisation Tools – Comprehensive analytics, search reporting and content optimisation tools can tell you how effective your website pages are and provide insight into how to improve a specific page’s ranking.
  • Search Based Applications - Funnelback can be used as a platform for developing more complex search applications. These include course finders, multimedia search, (including video, audio and images), e-commerce, geospatial search, email based media alerts and plagiarism detection systems.
  • Index Freshness, Scalability and Speed - Funnelback ensures fresh content is always available by performing regular crawls of your site/s. Crawls can also be set to update only the parts of the index which may have changed since the last crawl, creating a balance between freshness and server speed. The Funnelback search engine can index millions of documents with fast query response times.

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Fully Managed and Supported

Funnelback Website Search can be deployed as a fully managed SaaS solution or licensed and installed on your own server. Our professional consulting team will tailor the search solution to suit your users, content and business objectives. A powerful administration interface is also available to provide clients with complete control of search features and access to comprehensive reports.