WCAG Compliance Auditor

How Accessible is Your Website?

Meeting the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is required by law for many organisations. Discovering, monitoring and improving progress against these guidelines should be part and parcel of a webmaster's toolbox, but can seem like an insurmountable problem - too large to even measure, let alone fix.

Funnelback offers a website accessibility audit service to help you to achieve WCAG compliance. The service checks entire websites, and even groups of websites, against WCAG accessibility criteria. It identifies failures, provides recommendations on how to fix errors and delivers a benchmark against which accessibility can be measured over time, ultimately helping organisations to achieve compliance.

Built on existing Funnelback crawler technology, the Compliance Auditor provides detailed, frequently-updated conformance reports to those in an organisation responsible for meeting accessibility requirements, allowing web managers to quickly identify and resolve accessibility issues occurring in all corners of their web properties.

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The Funnelback Approach to Achieving Accessibility Compliance

Step 1 – Analysis

  • Have Funnelback crawl your website and help you understand where you fail to comply.

Step 2 – Action

  • Prioritise and implement Action Plans for achieving compliance.

Step 3 – Report

  • Track and report the effectiveness of your Action Plans over time.

Step 4 – Compliance

  • Achieve your compliance goals.

WCAG Compliance Auditor

A Fully Hosted Accessibility Compliance Auditor

  • No software installation necessary and no integration required.

Multiple Website Auditing

  • A subscription based service that can audit small, large and diverse web sites against web accessibility guidelines with collective reporting.
  • Reporting and tracking can be set up based on your organisation’s structure (e.g. portfolio, agency, faculty, division) or custom groups of websites, domains or individual URLs.

Check, Report and Track

  • Full compliance checks run weekly.
  • Reports available via a web based reporting interface.
  • Fast checking over even the largest of websites or groups of websites.
  • Links to W3C on how to meet required accessibility standards for identified failures.
  • Individual URL checks highlight where failures occur thus enabling targeted fixing.
  • Measure and report on compliance over time.

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