Pattern Analyser

Gartner describes a pattern-based strategy as: "Increasing competitive advantage through seeking, modeling and adapting to emerging patterns of change". Funnelback's Pattern Analyser provides real-time intelligence on changes in search patterns for both website and enterprise search. In traditional search analytics, this valuable insight is often buried in mountains of data and is not available on a timely, meaningful basis.

Funnelback's Pattern Analyser enables organisations to drive changes in strategy and operations using search intelligence as it's gathered instead of reacting to it after the fact.

For both government and commercial sector organisations, Funnelback's Pattern Analyser is a core component of a pattern-based strategy by sensing changes in market demand and enabling performance based management.

Sensing Changes in Market Demand

Commercial Sector

An online retailer may notice a sudden spike in search traffic on a new product that was announced by the manufacturer. By having Funnelback Pattern Analyser automatically sense this new demand, the retailer can stay ahead of the curve by ordering stock early with the confidence that there is strong demand.

Government Sector

Governments can use Funnelback Pattern Analyer to sense the changing concerns of citizens to provide a more proactive and responsive government. For example, a rapid upward trend in a new query would allow a government to proactively develop polices, programmes and supporting material to address this new issue.

Performance Based Management

Funnelback Pattern Analyser can measure the effectiveness of a marketing campaign by reporting the magnitude and duration of a spike in search traffic on search topics related to the campaign. A pattern reflecting a sudden negative trend in search traffic on a particular topic can also indicate that an issue of concern to customers has been dealt with effectively.

Geographic Context

In each of the above examples, Funnelback's Pattern Analyser also provides intelligence on the geographic regions where the change in search pattern is occurring. This provides valuable business intelligence on where marketing campaigns are having maximum impact and where market demand for specific products is changing rapidly. For government organisations the geographic context may reveal the regions where citizens have concerns or interests in government initiatives.

Contextualising Patterns with Current Events

Funnelback Pattern Analyser also provides context for changes in a search pattern by linking each change to online news articles on a related topic that were published at approximately the same time as the search pattern was detected.

In the below screenshot, Funnelback Pattern Analyser detects spikes in query traffic on searches related to the topics of 'swine flu', 'immigration' and 'digital tv' on the Australian Government homepage

Funnelback Pattern Analyser