Enterprise Search

  • Search across all of your organisation’s internal information.
  • Accurate, fast search for more informed decision making.
  • Enhance the ROI on information stored within your organisation.
  • Increase staff productivity. Avoid duplication of effort.
  • Improve customer service and receive fewer complaints.
  • Find both structured and unstructured information.
  • Install & implement on your own server based on your specific business requirements.

Within an enterprise, vast amounts of structured and unstructured information assets are created, stored, accessed and updated every day. It’s vital for businesses to be able to find and use this information.

For an enterprise to gain the greatest leverage from its information assets, employees must be able to share and reuse information. Funnelback Enterprise makes this information available via a single web interface in a timely, consistent and convenient manner, leading to faster, more informed decision-making.

Funnelback Enterprise can search across a myriad of corporate content repositories including websites, intranets, shared drives, document management systems, email systems, SharePoint and databases. No matter how large or small your organisation, Funnelback Enterprise can tailor the solution to your business needs and your information architecture.

Funnelback Enterprise Search Capability

Funnelback Enterprise Search Capability

Key Features of Funnelback Enterprise Search

  • Access multiple repositories enterprise-wide with a single query - Funnelback creates separate indexes for each repository crawled but allows users to choose which repositories they wish to search over. All popular file types can be indexed and Funnelback can also integrate with third party file adaptors to reach file formats that are not widely used.
  • Security Controls – Access to sensitive information in repositories and business applications can be restricted to authorised users. Funnelback also offers collection level security and can be integrated with legacy document level access control systems.
  • Index Freshness - Mission critical information can be kept available and up-to-date for searching. Crawls can also be set to update only the parts of the index which have changed since the last crawl - creating a balance between freshness and infrastructure load.
  • Scalability - The search service can handle large amounts of information and high query loads. Funnelback can scale up to many millions of documents and runs on a variety of platforms allowing you to leverage off of your existing systems.
  • Complete Search Feature Set - Funnelback Enterprise Search also includes all of Funnelback’s search features, such as Contextual Navigation, Faceted Navigation and Funnelback’s Pattern Analyser.

Find out more about the full feature set of Funnelback Search.


Enterprise search solutions are deployed via the search software installed on a client’s server. The basic solution is easy to install. For more complex projects requiring customisation, Funnelback’s highly trained consultants can assist with your implementation.

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