There are a number of deployment options for Funnelback search, giving our clients the flexibility to select the right option for their requirements, budget and information architecture. If you need further information about our deployment options, please contact us.

Installed Funnelback Search Solutions

Installed solutions offer complete control of the Funnelback search software on a self-managed server. The basic solution is easy to install and, for more complex projects, Funnelback's highly trained consultants can tailor a customised solution.

Installed solutions are primarily employed for Enterprise Search across multiple repositories.

Funnelback SaaS Search Solutions

Funnelback SaaS is a fully managed website search service. It available on demand, requiring no installation or purchase of hardware. SaaS solutions can be either hosted on dedicated hardware that is architected for your search requirements, or hosted on our search cloud environment, providing an instantly scalable and redundant search service.

Funnelback SaaS is primarily employed for searching websites and online catalogues.