Our Products

The need for quality search is growing stronger every day as business environments become increasingly complex. Accurate, fast searching can dramatically increase the return on your information assets, maximise employee productivity and improve customer experience. Funnelback delivers superior search performance with its patented technologies, refined algorithms and extensive range of features.

Funnelback offers Enterprise Search for search across an entire organisation and Website Search for effective searching of web based content.

Funnelback Enterprise Search

Funnelback Enterprise can search across a myriad of corporate content repositories including websites, intranets, shared drives, SharePoint, Email systems and databases. No matter how large or small your organisation, Funnelback can tailor the solution to your business needs and information architecture.

Funnelback Website Search

As more information is generated and stored on websites, companies need to offer effective means for their website users to navigate through the information to find what they’re looking for. Funnelback provide website search as a fully managed SaaS solution or as an installed solution for increased flexibility.

Funnelback Features

Funnelback has high quality out of the box rankings which can be manually and automatically tuned. Results presentation is highly customisable and can make use of features such as Contextual Navigation, Faceted Navigation and Featured Pages. Funnelback administration is via a highly user friendly, browser-based interface which provides complete control of ranking and indexing and also offers an extensive range of reports and alerts.

Deployment of Funnelback

Funnelback SaaS is a fully managed and hosted search service, which is available on demand, requiring no installation or purchase of hardware. Funnelback can also be licensed and installed on your own server. The basic solution is easy to install and for more complex projects, Funnelback's highly trained consultants can customise your solution.