Geoscience Australia use Funnelback Enterprise Search to deliver fast search across multiple repositories

The Organisation

Geoscience Australia is Australia's national geoscience research and information organisation. It is an agency within the Federal Resources, Energy and Tourism portfolio. Geoscience Australia aims to achieve economic, social and environmental benefits through enhanced global attractiveness of Australian offshore and onshore exploration investment opportunities; improved resource management and environmental protection; and safer communities and transportation.

The Challenge

Geoscience required an Enterprise Search Solution which would allow staff to search multiple content repositories. Geoscience employees needed to find sought after information across multiple platforms quickly. Improved information discoverability was needed within Geoscience to better enable employee productivity and policy & program outcomes.

The solution had to be easily customisable. It also had to provide both a simple and extremely intuitive basic interface, as well as an advanced search for end users. The solution had to be scalable, extensible and modular in order to deal with growing repository sizes and additional repositories.

The Solution

Geoscience Australia uses Funnelback Enterprise Search to enhance and improve discoverability across their vast array of differing information repositories. Funnelback provides a federated search across structured & unstructured content enterprise wide, including search across intranet and internet web pages, a staff database, a library catalogue, a products catalogue, an images collection (Oracle) and the TRIM Electronic Document Management System.

In particular, Funnelback has built an adaptor to search Tower Software's TRIM EDRMS which makes TRIM content more accessible to staff. Although TRIM does include a text search capability, Funnelback is able to integrate with the document management system and return improved search results. Funnelback also allows users to rank TRIM documents using a relevance score and Funnelback's administrative web interface allows administrators to create, configure and monitor the status of document collections in TRIM.

A single point of access

The Enterprise search solution is delivered through a single web interface providing a single point of access to corporate content. The interface allows Geoscience to customise their search form look and feel and ensures compliance with departmental web publishing guidelines and AGLS and W3C standards. It also allows Geoscience to add their own featured pages, synonyms, and custom tuning parameters.


Funnelback allows Geoscience to improve search result relevancy by tuning Funnelback's unique ranking algorithm. Result tuning allows Geoscience to apply ranking criteria to determine a score which can be adjusted to increase the value of search results based on the organisation's needs and information structure. Results can be biased toward or against certain types of documents.


Geoscience also makes use of Funnelback's query reporting tools that provide valuable information about user behaviour and sentiment. Funnelback's query reports help improve the quality of search.

Local Support

Funnelback is able to offer Geoscience local support. Funnelback has provided assistance with the implementation and management of the product and offers quality and responsive customer support.

Accurate Up-to-date Results

The Funnelback Enterprise Hosted Service has enabled Geoscience to provide visitors to their site with an integrated search tool that is capable of returning accurate, up to date information.

"Enterprise Search has become an accepted and expected piece of functionality for Geoscience Australia staff and its full scale implementation will achieve enhanced staff productivity and efficiency".

Mr. Stuart Girvan, Director, Enterprise Systems Section, Geoscience Australia.

Visit the Geoscience Australia website to see Funnelback in action.