Our Clients

Millions of people use Funnelback within organisations all around the world to leverage information assets from multiple repositories, to maximise productivity and to enable efficient navigation of information. Our clients benefit from Funnelback's ability to deliver tailored search solutions that align with business objectives, and customisable reporting and administration for easy maintenance.

Funnelback's deployment and licensing options make the solution applicable to a wide range of commercial and public-sector organisations. We have a vast number of clients across all market sectors including particular strengths in Government, Healthcare, Publishing, Finance and Higher Education.

Our case studies illustrate in detail how some of our clients have benefited from Funnelback Search.

What our Clients say about Funnelback

"With Funnelback's ability to search across different repositories, searching for information has been streamlined, with one search pulling in results from our intranet, website and various internal databases. Funnelback has taken our complex internal information environment and made it truly accessible."

Mike Swanson, International Programs Section, Knowledge and Information Services Team Leader, Oxfam Australia.

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See Funnelback in Action

Funnelback delivers search solutions to organisations such as the London School of Economics, the UK Electoral Commission, the National Research Council of Canada, the New Zealand Automobile Association, the Australian and Queensland Governments, Westpac Bank and Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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