Funnelback's Dr. David Hawking is joint winner of the Tony Kent Strix Award

Funnelback Chief Scientist, Dr. David Hawking, was today awarded with the UKeiG Tony Kent Strix Award at day two of the Internet Librarian International conference, held in London. David is joint winner of the award with with Doug Cutting, founder of Lucene.

The award is recognition of David's outstanding contribution to the field of information retrieval, in particular his research into the ways in which different contexts offer both difficulties and opportunities to the designers of search engines, and his ground-breaking method of identifying a suitable existing list of good sources within an enterprise intranet, and generating queries and best answers automatically from the list.

Dr. Hawking was not able to attend the presentation today, but is honoured to receive the recognition. He commented: "When I was an undergraduate student in the early seventies, the only search tool at my disposal was the card catalogue in the library. Since then, search engines in their many guises have completely changed the way most of us access knowledge and services. I'm proud to have contributed in a small way to advances in search technology and to delivering its benefits and I consider myself very fortunate to be working in what continues to be a very exciting area."

The Strix Award is presented by the Institute of Information Scientists in memory of Dr Tony Kent, who made a major contribution to the development of information science and information services both in the UK and internationally.

For more details, visit the UK eInformation Group website.