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Funnelback's search engine technology helps users find the information they need, faster. Millions of people around the world use Funnelback to leverage information assets from multiple repositories, to maximise productivity and to enable efficient navigation of information.


Funnelback WCAG Compliance Auditor


Funnelback offers a website accessibility audit service to help you to achieve WCAG compliance. The service checks entire websites, and even groups of websites, against WCAG accessibility criteria. It identifies failures, provides recommendations on how to fix errors and delivers a benchmark against which accessibility can be measured over time, ultimately helping organisations to achieve compliance.

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Features of Funnelback Search

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    Control & Flexibility

    Customisable Solutions...

    Control & Flexibility

    Funnelback offers the ability to comprehensively tailor the search facility to deliver on your business objectives. We offer professional services for customised solutions and a highly usable administration interface for in-house tuning and reporting.

    Funnelback can search across a myriad of corporate content repositories including websites, intranets, shared drives, SharePoint, Email systems and databases. For additional flexibility, it can be deployed as a fully managed, SaaS solution, installed within your firewall or hosted in the cloud. No matter how large or small your organisation, we can tailor a solution to suit your business needs and information architecture.

    The Administration Interface gives complete control to in-house administrators to tune rankings, boost specific results, add featured pages, customise results presentation and much more. It also offers an extensive range of reports which can be used to ensure that search effectiveness is maximised.

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    Superior Search

    High Quality Tunable Ranking...

    Superior Search

    The need for quality search is growing stronger every day as business environments become increasingly complex. Accurate, fast searching can dramatically increase the return on your information assets, maximise productivity and improve customer experience.

    Funnelback offers superior search performance with its patented technologies and refined algorithms. It has high quality out of the box rankings which can be manually and automatically tuned. Results are ranked by factors such as relevance, importance, popularity and user behaviour.

    Funnelback also provides key word searching, a spellchecker, a thesaurus, featured pages and the ability to boost the rankings of important sites or pages. Query features include fielded search, scoped search, boolean search, phrase searching, date query, word stemming, multimedia search and many more.

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    Contextual Navigation

    Improve User Experience...

    Contextual Navigation

    Contextual Navigation enables users to explore vast volumes of information efficiently and intuitively by providing dynamic navigational sub-topics related to their search terms. This saves time and enables better decision making by easing the task of accessing information. It also serves to highlight related information to the user's query, which they may not have seen otherwise.

    The Contextual Navigation sub-topics are derived using patented Funnelback technology that analyses the search terms and the information being searched. All analysis is performed on-the-fly at query time and no manually built taxonomy, configuration or algorithmic training is required – this reduces the implementation time significantly.

    Contextual Navigation can be used when searching web sites, intranets, file shares, databases or any other sources of electronic information.

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    Pattern Analyser

    Create Business Advantage...

    Funnelback's Pattern Analyser

    Gartner describes a pattern-based strategy as: "Increasing competitive advantage through seeking, modeling and adapting to emerging patterns of change".

    Funnelback's Pattern Analyser provides real-time intelligence on changes in search patterns for both website and enterprise search. In traditional search analytics, this valuable insight is often buried in mountains of data and is not available on a timely basis that is meaningful.

    Funnelback's Pattern Analyser enables organisations to drive changes in strategy and operations using search intelligence as it's gathered instead of reacting to it after the fact.

    For both government and commercial sector organisations, Funnelback Pattern Analyser is a core component of a pattern-based strategy by sensing changes in market demand and enabling performance based management.

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