About Us

Funnelback is a global search engine technology and services company whose mission is to deliver leading edge information retrieval solutions coupled with quality customer support. Funnelback's search technology allows your staff or clients to find key information held on websites, intranets, databases and many other internal information repositories. This drives greater ROI on your information assets, more satisfied users and more efficient and productive staff.

The Funnelback search engine project evolved from a leading edge technology offering developed by the CSIRO, Australia's premier scientific research agency. Previously referred to as the P@NOPTIC Search Engine, Funnelback Pty Ltd was established in December 2005 as the corporate entity to further develop the technology and commercialise the business. Since then, the company has grown in size to keep up with the demand for its award winning internet and enterprise search engine and now has clients internationally. In July 2009, Funnelback was acquired by Squiz, a leading Content Management System (CMS) company.

Funnelback processes millions of search requests each day by organisations such as the London School of Economics, the UK Electoral Commission, the National Research Council of Canada, New Zealand Automobile Association, the Australian and Queensland Governments, Westpac Bank and Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Our Name

The name Funnelback is a play on the name of two spiders; the funnel-web and the redback, both native to Australia. The name was also chosen because of Funnelback's ability to rapidly "funnel" relevant information "back" to the user.

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